Wants vs The Need

We're counting down the days until Christmas. Each day people are getting more vocal about the items want to receive from their  "wish list". My daughters have graduated from dropping subtle hints to outright asking for what they want, lol.

For some all they want is a warm bed and a hot meal for Christmas while others want the newest phone or electronic gadget. Some children are wanting their parents to stop fighting while some parents want just one more day with the child they lost earlier this year.

Everyone wants something. It's not always bad to 'want' or desire things. God created us as emotional beings and part of our emotional make up is desire. As believers, we can turn to the Scriptures for guidance in dealing with our wants.

Psalm 37:4 says, "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart". Sadly, this passage is abused and said to mean, 'God will give me everything I want (i.e. a record deal, a boy/girlfriend, job promotion, new car, riches, etc) because He gave me the desires for these things. When we take time to look at this verse in context we see the righteous ones of God do not envy the temporary prosperity of the wicked (vss. 1-2) and have their full trust in the Lord for His provisions in their life (vss.3-4).

Since this Psalm was written to the Nation of Israel, it's safe to say the author's intended meaning was a reminder for the Israelites to obey the Lord's command while they dwell in the land He gave them. The entire Psalm is filled with Covenant Promises regarding the Land Israel was living in.

The connection we as saints share with this passage is not tied directly to the Land of Israel rather, the call to have a heart that is in harmony with God. A harmony that takes place when we live in accordance to God's word (John 14:23-24 and 2 John 6). As our lifestyle lines up with Scripture, our wants and desires will be in sync with God's will for our life. Our actions will then demonstrate our harmony with God (Proverbs 3:5-6, Romans 12:1-2, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, and 1 Peter 2:15).

In my life, when I'm walking in harmony with God, I've noticed that He often places in my heart the desire to share His story with those who are lost around me. Since we're in a season where people are conditioned to express their wants, I can think of no better time than now to leverage conversations towards the gospel.

Sharing the gospel will allow hearers the opportunity to shift their focus off their wants and onto their need for Jesus. I'm convinced that both saints and sinners are in equal need of the gospel. For the saint, the gospel is a healthy reminder of what our Savior accomplished in order to save us and it's the one message that sets the rhythm of our life. For the sinner, the gospel is the only messages that exposes them to the sole remedy to their sin sickness, a disease inherited from Adam (Psalm 51:5 and Romans 5:12).

Sometimes we have to expose people to what they need in order for them to want what they need. My challenge to saints during this season is simple; expose as many people as you can to the fact that each of us has one eternal need - for our sins to be washed by the blood of Jesus.

I wrote a song a few years back to serve as a conversation starter regarding the exposure of people to "the Need". You can hear my song "The Need" by clicking here. Below are the lyrics to the song. I pray they encourage you to expose your friends and family to their need for Jesus.

Lastly, remember, evangelism is not just sharing the gospel message with people only. It's about sharing your life (i.e. time, togetherness and transparency) with them on an ongoing basis (1 Thessalonians 2:8). Let them see the gospel rock you daily while you share your life with them.


My whole life has been unfair// I go thru the motions but am not there//

Life’s passed by, I’m so distant// I want to stop existing and finally start living//


You said I could go to you//How can I get close to you//

What am I supposed to do, to believe in what I know is true?//

Please tell me what I need, tell me, tell me, tell me what I need (2x)


Verse 1:

I’ma put you up on game, show you yo deficiency//

I know that you wanna change, from the hopeless misery//

I know that you cope with pain, drinking Coke & Hennessey//

And smoking thangs that blow ya brain, if that’s you, come get wit me//


What I got’s not what ya want, but I know its what you need//

The Gospel is yo medicine, prescription for yo disease//

A disease that we all had since our conception//

The Gospel messages “ushers” in “these are my confessions”//


I’m open air yellin’, wake up this life ain’t “just a dream”//

That ends with frost bite, from all of our custom bling//

Salvation’s call’s God’s VIP custom ring//

That will have ya screaming “OMG” like when Usher sings//


Verse 2:

You would think that in the church all our people got it all//

Not all, cause the Gospel’s defined as the altar call//

Somebody tell the pastor’s ain’t nut’n funny//

When our kids despise Christ, but idolize Young Money//


Our Kids praise grills, chase thrills takin’ pain pills//

Shorty, the Gospel is the flood warnin, Jae Mills//

The Gospel’s an offense, it murders yo’ feelings//

So God’s blow the roof off ya dome, no ceilings//


I used to live a life darker than Whisky in bars//

Then the Light of Christ shined "right thru me", Nicki Minaj//

I spit the Gospel to the elderly and lil kids//

It’s the best kept ‘little secret” wit a”lil twist”//


Verse 3:

Ya pain is so intense ya cut ya self to relieve hurt//

Ya searched for joy, can’t find it, 'look again',…'research'//

Christ went to the Cross for our joy’s sake//

So we’d never be ‘so far gone’ like that boy Drake//


He took the punishment for all ya sin, like He did it//

Forgiveness He wit it, accept Him wit Glee like Eve get it//

I just gave ya the Gospel, can ya dig now?//

Get this life & chuck ya deuces to the world, Chris Brown//