Enter Jesus: Why God Entered Our World

The holiday season is in full swing. Christmas music is back on the radio to be appreciated by many yet hated by some. Plans for travel are being made and college students are working hard to cram for finals. A myriad of emotions that range from excitement to depression are being felt by those around us daily but it's tough to remember this when we're surrounded by the hoop-la of the holidays.

There is no better time than the present to leverage holiday conversations towards the gospel. Specifically highlighting the fact our Savior entered into our state of darkness to save us! It's mind blowing to think through the reality of Jesus Christ, being fully God (John 1:1) would put flesh on, like we put clothes on (John 1:14) to live a life of perfection we never could (Hebrew 7:26).

Add to this is the fact that Jesus didn't enter our world to be served but rather give His life as a ransom for many (Matthew 20:28) and this makes for one compelling story to share in our homes, places of work, and schools!

To help you break the ice via conversation, I wrote a song a couple of years ago that can be used as a tool in sharing the message of Jesus Christ entering into our world.

You can hear my song "Enter Jesus" by clicking here.

And for your reading pleasure, lol, here's the lyrics. I pray they are a blessing to you:


Hook: Enter Jesus, Enter Jesus, Enter Jesus, into a world of sin

((come, come wit it, come wit it Savior – come, come wit it, come wit it save us))

Verse 1:

Real talk, here we are, the scene is dark/

All of humanity’s ruled by a population of deceitful hearts/

Jeremiah 13:23, evil hearts/

Can’t change the fact they rockin’ spots like Measles Scars/


Distorted, by the world’s rhythm like lead guitars/

We seek the crowd’s approval cuz we need applause/

God given commands we ignore and breach his laws/

Guilty, we need a substitute like when a teacher’s off/


Introducing, the God man, Christ Jesus ya’ll/

Volunteered to rescue us when we are flawed/

Eternally equal with God the Father, He is God/

Eternally equal with the Holy Spirit, He is God/


Hebrews 7:26, sinless, He is God/

Mark 2:7, forgiveness, He is God/

Luke 2:49, ‘bout the Father’s business, He is God/

I said 6 times that He is God, because we are not/


Verse 2:

The penalty for sin’s on our head like a skully is/

He wasn’t to booshie to stay away from our gulliness/

The beautiful savior lovingly embraced our ugliness/

To lead us Wildcats to the crown like Tubby Smith/


Isaiah 53:2, He wasn’t handsome or pretty/

Came to give His life as a ransom for many/

Ransom means to buy a slave outta slavery/

John 8:34 sin alone’s what’s enslaving me/


Romans 6:15 to the chapter’s end/

We obey sin our master therefore can never master it/

Romans 6:23, our reward hazardous/

Jesus stepped in to absorb God’s wrath for sin/


While we were dead, Jesus gave his life for sin/

Enduring, our scourging and torture with no Vicotin/

To God it made sense (like what son), like a dime is ten/

So He could Rise from the Underworld like Lykins did/


Verse 3:

John 14:6, no one else is qualified/

To lead wayward sinners back to the Father’s side/

Muhammad, Buddha, Krisha,– all them died/

Psalm 51:5, they was born in sin; disqualified/


Now here’s a truth more hypnotic than rims customized/

Jesus’ resurrection proves we can be justified/

Justified mean to be declared free/

From the penalty and price for the sin that ensnares me/


It’s hard to swallow, chew on this like Carefree/

Its ya 1st day of Christmas, no partridge in a pear tree/

Spotless lamb, Abraham’s ram, no Aries/

Accept Him & live in Jubilee no Cherries/


Trust me son, He alone is that dude/

Peep Chapter 28 verse 20 of Matthew/

He never leaves those he saves, let me ask you/

He as entered ya heart and saved ya from the wrath due/