DEBUNKED: 5 Myths About ReachLife

DEBUNKED: 5 Myths about ReachLife

by D.A. Horton, Executive Director of ReachLife Ministries

Over the past year and a half I have been blessed to travel to many cities across the USA and speak with a lot of our 116 family. Through these conversations 5 common misconceptions about ReachLife come up regularly. This blog was written to provide clarity regarding these “myths” or misconceptions. I pray this gives you a better understanding of how to pray and support our efforts to Resource the Unashamed to Reach the Unapproached as we bridge the gap between biblical truth and the urban context.

Myth #1 – Reach Records = ReachLife

Although ReachLife shares the name “Reach” with the record label, we are in fact two distinct companies with two separate visions, and bank accounts (yes, separate bank accounts). The mission of Reach Records is to change the way people see the world using music and media. The mission of ReachLife is to bridge the gap between biblical truth and the urban context through the means of our ministry’s R.E.A.C.H. (you can also click here to see another video)

Reach Records is a for-profit company. ReachLife is a 501(c)3 non-profit company. In addition to this, you should know that the perceived financial success of Reach Records through chart topping albums does not directly have a financial impact on ReachLife. Since ReachLife’s inception in 2005, Reach Records has supported us through donations not royalties from the sales of Reach Records projects.

To be very clear, ReachLife’s funding comes from two streams of revenue: 1) sales from theReachLife curriculum & merchandise, but mostly, 2) your donations!

Myth #2 – ReachLife is the “backdoor” to the Reach Records artists

ReachLife does not manage the careers of the Reach Records artists. Often people will contact us trying book Reach artists because they have not heard back from the artists management team. In the past ReachLife has booked Reach Records artists for our events and in order to accomplish this we had to go through the artists management team as well. If you would like to book a Reach Records artist please email their team at or call them at 615-963-3000.

Myth #3 – ReachLife employs many people & interns

It is assumed that ReachLife has a full roster filled with both staff members and interns when in fact we only have two employees. In addition to myself serving as the Executive Director, ReachLife has just one part-time employee. I made an announcement from the stage, at the Unashamed Conference, clarifying that ReachLife is not just the two of us who work for ReachLife but rather, we the Unashamed Movement, collectively living out our faith where God has placed us is ReachLife. It is my desire for the entire Unashamed Movement to see themselves as “ReachLife” whether or not they are employed by our non-profit. In order for this to be a reality it’s going to take us as a movement to continue the gospel conversation the music started, after the music stops.

Myth #4 – ReachLife ONLY produces Curriculum

In the past the Lord was gracious to allow ReachLife to release the Before You Die tract, 13 Letters, and Man Up in addition to offering free resources on our website. Upon my hiring, it was my desire to include the sales of the two books (G.O.S.P.E.L. DNA:Foundations of the Faith) the Lord provided me grace to write go towards the funding of ReachLife.

Beyond the curriculum, ReachLife is working to mobilize the entire Unashamed Movement towards missional engagement with the urban context. We’ve secured partnerships with ministries that focus their attention on biblically addressing social ills in the areas of: education, homelessness, human trafficking, poverty, and abuse recovery. We’re also actively working towards mentoring at-risk teens in Atlanta & DeKalb County Public Schools, sharing the gospel and ourselves with teens and adults who are incarcerated, and providing jobs to college students that allow them to experience summer urban missions work.

Lastly, we’re also are having conversations with Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Universities regarding the Unashamed Movement receiving degree seeking credit at their school after working through ReachLife’s resources. I have a conviction that the future leaders of our churches, communities, and schools are apart of the Unashamed Movement. It’s this conviction that drives ReachLife to work hard in providing more of our movement with opportunities to receive a quality college education.

Myth #5 – Reach’s Artists Pay for Everything so ReachLife shouldn’t ask for Money

Although every Reach Artist has in the past and continues to in the present support ReachLife, the support needed to advance ReachLife’s mission takes more than 6 artists. From what I have seen our generation joyfully puts money behind what we find valuable. In many cases (not all) our generation will unconsciously spend money when it comes to having fun or being entertained yet, contemplate the price before complaining about it when it comes to resources for our spiritual development. It’s my desire to see our generation place value in the mission of God and thus, see ReachLife working in harmony with His mission.

I believe that if our 116 family took ownership of ReachLife Ministries the vision we have for 2014 would not only be manifested, but we as a movement would see the power God has given to our generation to fight the darkness in our cities. There’s power in numbers thus the reason why the last few video’s I’ve released have asked you, the movement to stand with ReachLife in seeing our2014 vision fulfilled.

As I close I want to be forthright in communicating two things. #1 - The best way to support ReachLife is by praying for us. As you pray for us, please consider being a part of the answer to our prayers and making a donation towards our 2014 vision being fulfilled. #2 - You are REACHLIFE. As you advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in your area, “we” advance the gospel. Please never separate yourself from the fact that God has sparked our movement for His glory and we’re all blessed to be apart of this unique piece of redemptive history.

Thanks for riding with us,

D.A. Horton

Executive Director

ReachLife Ministries

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