To My Generation: My Heart to Yours About Us


I have a yearning in my heart to write short but informative blogs targeted for those living in "my generation". Now before you assume, "Since I'm a few years older or younger than D.A., he's not directly speaking to me because I'm not in his generation", allow me to qualify just exactly who my generation is. Since the Lord determined for me to be born in 1980, I've been graced with the opportunity to have been given life during a small period of time that experts identify with two separate generational groups: Generation X and the Millennials (also known as Generation Y).

Some Demographers/analysts classify all those born in America between 1961-1979 as Generation X (placing me in the Millennial generation) while others identify the Millennial generation as those who were born between 1981-2000 (placing me in Generation X). In God's grace, being born in 1980 provides me with a chronological passport  to travel in and out of  in two opposing generations. As I live my life standing in a corridor between Generation X and the Millennial generation, rather than feeling misplaced I sense an opportunity to speak to "MY" generation which includes those who are between the ages of 13 & 53 years old. As a 33 year old, I'm amazed at how the Lord saw it best to fit me perfectly in the middle of this age demographic.

By God's infinite wisdom He has allowed me to live through changing times that include: Post Roe vs Wade, Reganomics, the crack epidemic, the rise/globalization of  gangs and hip hop, 9/11, and the Great Recession. Throughout all of my life's journey's I can stand today and bare witness to the fact the only true and Living God has remained faithful to "my generation". As we read the pattern in Scripture, generations often neglect God due to the distractions of their present age (i.e. the entire book of Judges). Sadly, I see my generation distracted from God by such present day enticements as entertainment, selfism, and social-media. For years I've prayed for God to give me His grief for my generation (for both those lost & found) and if in His will, allow me the space to serve as a voice calling all to remember Him.

I am now in a position where the Lord has provided me with the green light to ring the bell of awareness that signals my generation to consider Him who they may know of but still do not know, He who has created and sustained them throughout the entirety of their lives, the One who sent His only unique (never to be replicated) Son to die on behalf of sinners in order to be the only qualified One to save them (John 14:6).

From this day forward I'm calling my generation to look out for all blogs titled "To My Generation"

On the frontline,